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Protecting Southern California's Access to Electricity

We're developing and implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies to secure the electricity grid and protect customer data.

Continuously Improving Our Defenses

The electric infrastructure assets of our utility, Southern California Edison, are part of the nation’s critical infrastructure as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). A high level of vigilance is required to maintain cybersecurity for this infrastructure.

Today’s cyberattacks are advanced and persistent, but they are not new. What’s new and constantly changing are the tools and techniques used in hacking attempts. At Edison, we employ cyber best practices and continuously improve our defenses to ensure our utility is protecting and securing the electric grid and customer information.

SCE does this by starting with thoughtful grid design, and then employing a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy, and participating in partnerships and frequent drills.

Grid design is the backbone of grid security. SCE's electrical system is designed with safety and security as priorities. Backup systems and extra carrying capacity are built into the grid itself. SCE's highly skilled and trained engineers continually study, evaluate and prioritize the utility’s resources and infrastructure to keep the grid safe and reliable and to mitigate security risks.

Our utility's multi-layered strategy is key to combatting advanced, persistent threats. It includes:

  • Deploying the latest in cybersecurity technology
  • Combining technology with tools and processes
  • Implementing a robust cybersecurity awareness program for our employees and supplemental workers


A multi-layered strategy is key to combatting advanced, persistent cyber threats.

Our partnerships and close collaboration of shared intelligence across local, state, and federal government, and with other utilities, further strengthens our utility's protective defenses.

SCE has a robust best practices sharing forum with its peer utility companies. This sharing not only includes best practices and lessons learned, but also allows our analysts to share threat intelligence among each other.

SCE is part of an industry mutual assistance program for analysts to support each other in the event of an emergency.


Drills allow participating government agencies and critical infrastructure organizations to measure their readiness for a potential attack on the grid. Edison participates in cyber-preparedness drills, such as NERC’s GridEx. In addition, SCE runs FEMA-designed Incident Response Plan scenarios periodically to test internal processes and systems.

SCE, FBI Working Together to Fight Cyberattacks

SCE and the FBI work closely together to fight the growing threat of cyberattacks on the electric grid. In early 2022, the FBI launched a public service announcement with SCE’s VP, Cybersecurity and IT Compliance, Brian Barrios and Kristi Johnson, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office.




Looking for a Letter of Support or Commitment?

Our utility, Southern California Edison, collaborates with many organizations to support innovation in the areas of renewable sources of energy, grid optimization, and energy storage. If you are working on a project of this nature and need a letter of support or commitment for a California Energy Commission EPIC proposal, DOE or other funding source proposal, we may be able to help.


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